martes, julio 21, 2009

New Bits Of Life

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Just yesterday at this same time, i was doing the things i wouldn't normally do by myself. Receiving bad news is more like me. Giving too but I'm way too shy for that. The title simply states a series of tiny posts for making my life a bit more livable...not a word I'm sure.

*Hearing Ruido by Joaquin Sabina

Its that final push by someone else thats makes us shy guys finally take that jump 'per se'.
So this tiny bits now called NBoL. Include various scenarios i came to imagine but never took, which may be my biggest mistake ever. The first NBoL is called 'Absolute Honesty'.

'AH'!! Finally someone had to say it. Have you ever thought about always telling the truth no matter what the situation is? Thats exactly what 'AH!' is all about.

Its indeed a bit of new life.. Bit by bit. I kinda feel like starting already. Im almost sure who reads this things i post. So something for them, they should kinda know what's for them. And what is most definitely not.

No, no los e recogido y no quiero que me acompañe.
No, en realidad me pareces como vendedora de chicles de pueblo.
Si ese peinado no te va.
No you cant have this last cig.
Yes you are a whore for doing that.
You are ugly and i NEVER remember your name cause i really dislike you.

Some of you may call this inappropriate but... truth comes out in way or another.