viernes, octubre 06, 2006

Un Extracto De Un Poema

Desde mis antiguos pensamientos de una mente cicatrizada. Les doy un Thoughts of a scared mind. Yo se que tiene errores ortograficos.

Its like hell inside my head
like a thousand raisors chasing me.
A world full of lies and cheats
its all fake and without a hand i'm falling.

I thought I had that hand
but in the end it seems the hand has vanished

Once I felt asleep...
I was in a world with no lies
you were there, but you seem to walked away from me.
Each time I saw you, you ran away.

Then i awake and look around.
I realized i'm dead now.

At least there is no lies in here
but neither a hand just a knife
and its been cutting life' soul
since that day when you appear.

Its like a thousand knifes into my heart
now i know why.