martes, mayo 26, 2009

I Dont Mind

I write this one post in eng, cause sometimes in writer's block, i kinda like eng writting better than spa. Perhaps makes this blogging/diary writting a bit more anonimous.

First just to say that yesterday the weirdest thing happened, i was just falling asleep. When i finally turned off the lights, and just layed down, trying to sleep. I kept thinking about things you've said, things we've talked about. Things that happened in the last few days. Things i do that remind me of you. Those are not that weird. But the part that is, ... well in all that time i just kept smiling about the whole thing.

The past 2 days i just cant seem to stop thinking about her. I talked this out with one of the last friends i think i can trust. And one of the last that dont lie, and are true in every single way. I talked to her about a thing you said. I thing i dont fully understand at the time. But i do know. She made me realize, things sometimes just dont click. But even then, i have a choice to be made. Continue or accept defeat, stay friends. I once heard a phrase saying something like, "..when the odds are against you, and you are certain of it, only a truely idiot would continue..". Thing is, i've always been an idiot. Why stop now.

Probably, no one will read this, or at least understand it. But the final thought i have to make this post, is just the simple action of thinking about things you said/do/talked about. I cant stop smiling. And just to make it clear. Everyone knows i'm not the kind of person that smiles alot.

Guess i'll just have to try harder. Thats it.

Thx for reading or not.. :-)